ASL Beginner 1 Course

Self-Paced Course

This course is designed to help you learn ASL from the ground up at your own pace! You’ll gain a foundational understanding of how to use American Sign Language and how to communicate with Deaf people in your life. You’ll learn about basic fingerspelling, numbers, and a multitude of vocabulary signs. These include feelings, colors, clothing, hobbies, pets, pronouns, family members and daily activities.

You’ll also cover basic ASL syntax—how to form questions and statements—as well as how to introduce yourself and discuss your weekend. Additionally, you'll get a glimpse into Deaf culture!

ASL Beginner 1 is a great place for anyone that wants to learn more about American Sign Language (ASL). Whether you are a student who wants to learn the language or just someone who is interested in learning more about Deaf culture or sign language; this class is perfect for you! You will learn basic ASL syntax and some basic conversational phrases while also having fun along the way!

Exclusive Access to Our App, The Lobby

The Lobby is a private community where you can network with other students. Here, you’ll ask questions, build relationships, and gain your knowledge alongside other eager fellows.

The Lobby

When you enroll, you will have access to lecture videos, skills practice videos, quizzes, assignments, and our exclusive platform, The Lobby!

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